Covered Patios

Our Verandah or Covered Patio structures can add to, or convert, an outdoor living area into a sheltered entertainment or relaxing venue, with the addition of a protective covering.

Weather becomes an issue that need no longer affect your outdoor time. Sheltered from sun or rain, your patio or verandah can add practical space to your home.

The Conservatory styles such as Surrey can be adapted to a patio or verandah, making it a room without walls.


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Free-Standing Kiosk Structures

Free-standing Kiosk structures are also possible, with a myriad of uses. 
Create a sheltered private getaway in your garden, to be used as a home office, reading room, hobby room, whatever you want. Speak to us about the style options we can adapt to suit your needs.
In a commercial setting, they can be used as a small shop, office or hub for an outdoor serving venue, these can be installed in a variety of locations. See the images at the left for some ideas on where we have placed our attractive, practical structures.

We have even provided structures such as Bus shelters for a city Municipality.


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